Ofsted rate us as a ‘Good’ setting.

‘The standard of care is outstanding. Staff go above and beyond to support children and their families when they request further help. They work closely with parents to promote seamless continuity for children when they first start at pre-school.’

‘Staff have provided expressive arts sessions for children. This has helped children to become extremely confident and self-assured and develop outstanding moving and handling skills.’

‘Children are learning the skills they need for school. Some aspects of their development are better than good, including their levels of concentration that are much higher than expected for their age.’

Ofsted, April 2018.


Staff List

Leader- Ali Jones (BEd, EYT)

Deputy Leader- Kellie Morris (Level 3)

SENCO/Key Person- Carrie Taylor (Level 3)

Key Person- Debbie Henderson (Level 3)

Key Person- Sue Wildman (Level 3)

Key Person- Julie Coleman (Level 4)

Key Person- Sacha Coull

Key Person- Jodie Critchell

Key Person- Janet Watson

Lunchtime Assistant- Sarah Kunne

Committee Members

Chairperson- Laura Griffiths


Treasurer- Margaret Clewett


Hannah Mader

Charlotte Parry

Diane Williams

Lindsey Robinson


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