Ofsted rate us as a ‘Good’ setting.

‘Children are very happy and settled at pre-school. They establish strong bonds and emotional attachments with their key person.’

‘Staff provide an interesting and motivating range of activities and experiences for children. They skilfully engage children in smaller groups.’

‘The Leadership team work extremely hard to drive improvement.’ Ofsted, May 2015.


Staff List

Leader- Ali Jones (BEd, EYT) currently on maternity leave

Deputy Leader- Laura Griffiths (BA hons Education) currently on maternity leave

SENCO- Carrie Taylor (Level 3)

Temporary Co-Leader Debbie Henderson (Level 3)

Temporary Co-Leader- Sue Wildman (Level 3)

Play Assistant- Julie Coleman (Level 4)

Play Assistant- Jane Parsons  (Level 2)

Play Assistant- Sian Davies (Level 2)

Temporary Play Assistant- Nadine Jones (Level 3)

Lunchtime Assistant- Sarah Kunne

Committee Members

Chairperson- Charlotte Nunnerley


Treasurer- Margaret Clewett


Lauren Hope

Kate Evans

Aimee Meredith-Jones

Nicola Howson


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